The next European Aniridia Conference will be held online and hopefully in London too, 30 July to 1 August 2021.

You are invited. Make a note in your calendar now and pass this invitation on to anyone who might be interested.

As in the past, it will share scientific knowledge to prevent sight loss and deal with aniridia’s effects. It brings together patients and the world’s top experts to upskill the clinical, research and aniridic communities. It will also focus on the lives of people affected by aniridia. 

The event was postponed in summer 2020. We are now arranging to run it primarily as a virtual conference. There may still be an associated physical element, perhaps at Moorfields Eye Hospital, depending on the pandemic situation.

Welcome to Moorfields sign

The new agenda will be just as, if not more exciting than the original! Although the valuable face to face interaction may not be possible, compared with previous conferences, we hope the internet will help to have more:

  • sessions 
  • speakers
  • attendees
  • translations

See our call for papers and speakers if you want to contribute.

If you haven’t already, register your interest to get news as it becomes available.

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