The background and aspirations of the 5th European Aniridia Conference.

Man at podium presenting with pictures of eye surgery on screen


The European Aniridia Conference (EAC) enables the sharing of specialist scientific knowledge about the rare genetic eye condition aniridia.  Its goal is to find cures for sight loss and other impairments due to aniridia.

Understanding aniridia is challenging, due to the scattered patient population, its highly variable impact and complications of linked conditions.

The biennial European Aniridia Conference (EAC) innovatively addresses this. It brings together patients and the world’s top experts for 3 days to upskill the clinical and research communities.  

As the only such forum outside the USA, the EAC accelerates the development of better treatments and hugely improves patient care.


People from around the world come along: firstly professionals such as: ophthalmologists, researchers, vision scientists, and geneticists. People who have aniridia and their relatives also eagerly attend.

In 2021 we were espeically keen to attract people from smaller and eastern European countries which are ‘under-represented’ in terms of scientific research and patient associations. 


The European Aniridia Conference, attracts the best ophthalmologists, researchers, vision scientists and geneticists from around the globe. 

They present their amazing surgery and experiments relating to aniridia. Colleagues and people affected attend to share their perspectives and disseminate the learning back in their own countries. There’s plenty of networking time too. Together the professionals, patients and parents form a winning community focused on finding effective treatments.

The event

  • shares the latest investigation results and promotes further research
  • educates on the effectiveness of surgeries and treatments and recommend good approaches
  • motivates greater collaboration between professionals 
  • facilitates involving patients groups in research and hearing about the outcomes
  • enables doctors and patients to share experiences,  understand each other’s perspective and build stronger working relationships
  • brings together key stakeholders
  • gives hope to all for more breakthroughs in treating aniridia and other visual or genetic diseases 


Delegates at the EAC in Paris 2018 included

  • 75 professionals
  • 35 researchers/academics
  • 28 ophthalmologists
  • 6 geneticists
  • 6 vision scientists
  • 90 patients
  • 40 relatives

from 29 countries

  • 20 European
  • 2 Asian
  • 4 African
  • 3 North and South American

In a follow up survey

  • 100% met their objectives of talking about their work, and learning from peers/patients
  • 70% improved their aniridia knowledge significantly.


The 2021 event will be the 5th European Aniridia Conference. It takes place every two years in a different city. It is usually organisied jointly by the national aniridia association and a proinent health institution.


The 5th EAC was planned to be in London in summer 2020. However the COVID-19 pandemic delayed the event and then caused it to become virtual instead of physical.


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