Do you want to speak to an expert from the world-famous Moorfields Eye Hospital?!

Conference delegates with aniridia or their relatives can ask for a free video consultation with a UK specialist in ophthalmology, paediatrics or low vision aids.

7 expert doctors experienced in aniridia are holding six 25-minute online clinics between 1.30pm and 4.30pm on Friday 30 July 2021. They are available only to people with a European Aniridia Conference ticket.

If you want a chance to speak to one of these amazing professionals, book a place at the conference. Other family members, partners and children are welcome to be present if you wish.

You will need to explain what you want to talk about so we can decide if it is appropriate and if so who it is best for you to meet with.

Preference will be given to people in under-represented European countries, as part of our grant funding.

We will confirm if your request for a consultation has been successful, and the scheduled time, about a week before conference begins.

Huge thanks to the experts for volunteering their time for these clinics. A speical thank you to Mariya Moosajee for making the arrangements.