Use the Networking room on Zoom to build links with other attendees by discussing the presentations and the issues they raise. We want the conference to strengthen relationships within and between the scientific, medical and patient communities.

On the main presentation video stream only the presenters can speak. Delegates can only use the text-based chat system. In the Networking room everyone is able to speak

The room will be available throughout 2 two days. Everyone is invited to join it after each talk ends. Ask questions, give inspiration, challenge assumptions, start collaborations. At certain times the room is reserved for specific topics.

Speakers are not guaranteed to take part and may well prefer to join in during a break time rather than immediately after their presentation so they can hear the following speakers.

Saturday 31 July

  • 09:15 Previous presentation related discussion
  • 10:45 BREAK and Meet the Session 1 “The Eye” speakers
  • 11:15 Previous presentation related discussion
  • 12:45 LUNCH and Meet the poster authors
  • 13:00 LUNCH and Meet the Session 2 “Outside The Eye” speakers
  • 13:20 Previous presentation related discussion
  • 14:35 BREAK and Meet the Session 3 “In The Cell” speakers
  • 15:05 Previous presentation related discussion
  • 16:15 Young Aniridics (to be confirmed) – Haya/Aaron

Sunday 1 August

  • 09:00 Young Aniridics (to be confirmed) – Haya/Aaron
  • 10:20 Meet the Early Career Scientists – Dulce Lima Cunha
  • 10:40 Discussion of ‘Ocular surface in aniridia – visual, perceptual and cosmetic discomfort- hopes and perspectives’ – Christina Grupcheva
  • 10:55 Perspective of a relative/scientist/doctor discussion – Nikki Hall
  • 11:25 Nystagmus discussion – Ian Springett
  • 11:45 Psychological impacts on patients and their family members – Galina Genning
  • 12:05 LUNCH and Gene.Vision discussion – Alex Yeong
  • 12:30
    Talk: Life with aniridia – Georgina Clements
    Aniridia Network Annual General Meeting 2021 – Aniridia Network trustees
    Talk: Living with aniridia and how professionals can work with individuals with visual impairments – Rosalyn Fast
  • 13:15 Aniridia Network members and supporter chat – Aniridia Network trustees
  • 14:00 ERAMUS+ Project discussion
  • 14:30 Aniridia Europe discussion- Ognian Petkov
  • 14:45 Building a supportive community – National association leaders
    Discussion for all, especially under-represented countries on how we have and should go about strengthening relationships and distributing our information.
  • 15:45 Retrospective & ideas – everyone
    Collective review of European Aniridia Conference, Aniridia Day & Rare Disease Day and suggestions for 2022

You can also use the conference chat system to privatly exchange writen messages with another delegate. There you can agree to talk verbally in the Networking Room for another service if you prefer.