As is common at events like ours, people can display a poster about their work relating to aniridia. If not physically this time, then electronically. We may have space for you to give a short ‘lightning’ talk too.

There may also be space for longer workshops, talks or informal discussions.

Assuming the European Aniridia Conference will be primarily online we may be able to have another stream of sessions in addition to the current planned agenda. What would you like to contribute?

Poster maker and delegate talking

Contact us with your ideas.

We especially want people from small and eastern European countries to take part in the conference, to build supportive networks.

Scientists at the start of their careers are also particularly encouraged to get involved to increase research collaboration and understanding about aniridia.

If either of these sound like you, we really want to hear from you about how to make it a success for you and your peers.

Pass this invitation on to anyone who might be interested.

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