Recordings of the 5th European Aniridia Conference are becoming available on YouTube. English captions are available by clicking on the icon at the bottom right of the video player.

We paid AI Media to create and show the captions in real time during the event. We wanted to help D/deaf and hearing impaired/hard of hearing people, as well as non-fluent English speakers understand the presentations.

There may well be some inaccuracies. Please tell us about any mistakes so we can fix them. Report them in the comments below the video or contact us.

We would also really like to have subtitles in other languages on the videos, or to publish translated transcripts. This would enable even more people around the world to learn and benefit from the event. We have text files of what each speaker said. If you want to organise (and if necessary pay for) translation of some or all of these to be please contact us. If you provide a translation we will add it to the video for you.

Screenshot of 5 speakers and a caption of what is being said

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