We needed help to make the 5th European Aniridia Conference happen. The event cost several thousand Euros so we needed grants and donations. Check the total amount raised.


We are delighted that this networking event has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the EJP RD COFUND-EJP N° 825575”.


Anyone can help us by sending money to Aniridia Network, earned in many ways

For more ideas visit the Aniridia Network fundraising page.

Commercial sponsors

If you represent an organisation, you could sponsor a future conference. Contact us for details


Buy a whole range of items branded items from our shops. A proportion of the profit from each sale will fund the conference.


Volunteer on a Aniridia Network stall at a conferenceIf you can help in any way, such as with organisation, communications or IT, please contact us.