Next Conference will take place 3, 4 and 5 June 2022 on San Juan de Alicante, Spain.

The European Aniridia Conference (EAC) enables the sharing of specialist scientific knowledge about the rare genetic eye condition aniridia. Its goal is to find cures for sight loss and other impairments due to aniridia.

Understanding aniridia is challenging, due to the scattered patient population, its highly variable impact and complications of linked conditions.

The biennial European Aniridia Conference (EAC) innovatively addresses this. It brings together patients and the world’s top experts for 2 days to upskill the clinical and research communities.

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Ophthalmologic study

Patients with aniridia or their relatives could ask for a free study with a specialist in ophthalmology.

Expert doctors experienced in aniridia and optometricians will be doing consultations the day before the conference starts on Friday 3 June from 12:00 pm to 18:00 pm. They are available only to people with a Patients meeting ticket by appointment.

The study will take place in Vissum Miranza facilities. Transfer included.

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Ophthalmologic study


The conference content is managed by a team of highly distinguished, foremost experts.
The very best ophthalmologists, researchers, vision scientists and geneticists from around the globe showcased the latest work on all aspects of aniridia.

The event is organised by Aniridia Spanish Association, the spanish charity and patient association for people affected by aniridia.

Support has came from Aniridia Europe the federation of patient associations and representatives,


Professional’s opinions of past and future European Aniridia Conferences

Veronica van Heyningen CBE
Veronica van Heyningen CBEHonorary Professor, UCL

“Bringing together patients, clinicians and scientists in one meeting is the most productive path to developing new disease management and therapeutic approaches.
The 5th EAC will discuss corneal disease stem cell therapy and mutation-dependent drug treatments.”

Melanie Hingorani
Melanie HingoraniConsultant ophthalmic surgeon, Moorfields

“I want to explore the practicalities of care for patients. Routine diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of aniridia is not well understood by many. At the EAC we can disseminate and agree consistent pathways.”

Julie Daniels
Julie DanielsProf Regenerative Medicine & Cellular Therapy, UCL IoO

"The EAC is highly valued because they bring together excellence in both fundamental scientific research and clinical practice, while at the same time providing opportunity for friendly and open engagement with patients.
I anticipate that this meeting will also be a vibrant and informative event, especially as the critical mass of clinicians and scientists rising to meet the challenges of understanding the role of genetic mutation in aniridia all the way through to clinical trials of novel therapies is growing”

Nikki Hall
Nikki HallECAT Clinical Lecturer, Ophthalmolgoy Registrar, University of Edinburgh

"What I like most is the mix of people and good speakers. I love that professionals, scientists and patients are together to advance science and patient care.
It is a great chance to meet people from different backgrounds who have an interest in aniridia research."

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