Hosts – Spanish Aniridia Association (Asociación Española de Aniridia)

The Spanish Aniridia Association, created on June 15, 1996, is a non-profit association, registered in the Registry of Associations of the Ministry for Home Affairs, in the Community of Madrid and Declared of Public Utility.

The entity aims to be a point of reference for both professionals and patients, serving as a bridge between the two groups and exchanging information in both directions.

Aniridia Spain


Aniridia Europe

The European Federation of National Aniridia Associations and people living with aniridia in Europe exists to:

  • collaborate in spreading proper and correct information on aniridia and the best available treatments
  • support and inspire research by creating scientific interest on aniridia and associated illnesses
  • connecting professionals both at local and international levels
  • promote the development of national and international guidelines on aniridia
  • encourage people affected by aniridia to create associations in other countries.

Country represenatives and the Board of Directors will hold their biennial assemblies at the EAC.

Aniridia Europe

COST European Cooperation in Science & Technology

COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) is a funding agency for research and innovation networks. Our Actions help connect research initiatives across Europe and enable scientists to grow their ideas by sharing them with their peers. This boosts their research, career and innovation.

Aniridia-net logo


ANIRIDIA-NET is a pan-European bottom-up network of researchers, ophthalmologist, trainees, aniridia patients organizations, industry and special interest groups funded by the European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) program  to improve aniridia clinical management and promote innovative research and development of new alternatives for its diagnosis and treatment. The goals of ANIRIDIA-NET are therefore to:

  • Build a large, inclusive EU network of ophthalmologists, scientists, trainees, aniridia patient organizations, industry, and special interest groups to create linkages and a rich training ground for a new generation of trainees;

  • Improve aniridia management through evidence-based research, harmonized clinical protocols, pooling/sharing of samples and models, and consensus activities.

  • Stimulate development of novel diagnostics and treatments for aniridia based on innovative research in regenerative medicine/stem cells, investigational drugs, gene therapy, tissue engineering, transplantation, etc.

VISSUM – Miranza Group

Vissum Grupo Miranza has been a leader in Alicante’s ophthalmology for 30 years. Founded by Dr Jorge Alió, the clinic has since maintained its vocation as a comprehensive centre, with professionals who are experts in all eye diseases, both in the anterior segment and the retina, as well as in glaucoma and paediatric ophthalmology, among others areas of expertise.

The clinic is an international benchmark in the treatment of corneal pathologies, particularly corneal transplants, and is a forerunner in advanced refractive surgery techniques to correct presbyopia, myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism, even making it possible to correct high prescriptions and treat corneal aberrations. Moreover, the centre stands out for its commitment to an expert approach to retinal pathology, eye plastic surgery as well as advanced and personalised treatment of dry eye.

Scientific committee

  • Prof. Jorge L. Alió
  • Prof. Carmen Ayuso
  • PhD Juliana Martínez-Atienza

Organising team

  • Yolanda Asenjo, Spanish Aniridia Association President
  • Cristina Suárez, Spanish Aniridia Association Vice-president
  • Rosa Sánchez de Vega, Spanish Aniridia Association former president, Aniridia Europe Board member

Spanish Aniridia Association staff

  • Carmen Aragonés, Communication department 
  • Rosa Blázquez, Social Worker and Project technician
  • Aroa Gómez, Social Worker and Project technician

Spanish Aniridia Association Volunteers

  • Fabián Oubiña, professional translator
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