The European Aniridia Conference (EAC) is a biennial conference that brings together
researchers, practitioners and diagnosis carriers to share the latest scientific know-how,
experiences and ideas about the rare genetic condition aniridia and aniridia-related

Please feel free to get in touch with us regarding any questions at

The EAC 2024 is organised by Aniridia Sweden in cooperation with Linköping University
and Aniridia Europe, and with the kind support of many others.

For questions about the conference you may also contact:
Mr Neven Milivojevic, chair of the Organisational Committee
Phone/whatsapp: +46 70 639 00 68

Mrs Ivana Kildsgaard, chair of Aniridia Sweden
Responsible for scientific matters and relations
Phone/whatsapp: +46 70 263 30 24

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