We are pleased to announce that the highly anticipated Popular summary for patients from the 7th European Aniridia Conference (EAC) 2024 in Stockholm is now available. This comprehensive summary, authored by Prof. Neil Lagali and his team from Linköping University, provides an accessible overview of the key topics and insights from the conference.

The Popular summary covers a wide range of subjects discussed at EAC 2024, including:

– Dry eye disease in aniridia and the importance of early intervention

– Advances in glaucoma management, such as minimally invasive glaucoma surgeries

– The impact of aniridia on quality of life and the value of patient experiences in guiding treatment

– Research on the effects of aniridia in the brain and other systems beyond the eye

– Artificial iris implantation and considerations for patients with aniridia

– Keratopathy management and the challenges of corneal transplantation in aniridia

– The potential of stem cell therapies and the importance of genetic analysis

– Guidelines for aniridia management

– Progress in gene therapy approaches and animal models of aniridia

– Innovative technologies, such as the Omnigen amniotic membrane and dynamic contact lenses with customized iris

Prof. Lagali’s summary provides a valuable resource for patients, families, and caregivers seeking to understand the latest developments in aniridia research and treatment. By sharing the key messages from EAC 2024 in an accessible format, we hope to empower the aniridia community with knowledge and foster a deeper understanding of this rare condition.

You can access the Popular summary for patients by downloading the PDF file from the conference website: https://aniridiaconference.org/eac2024/

We extend our gratitude to Prof. Lagali for his dedication in preparing this summary and to all the presenters and participants who made EAC 2024 a success. Together, we continue to work towards improving the lives of those affected by aniridia.

Photo cred: Monica Walldén

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